About project

The project “Healthy and Smart Youth” is aimed at reducing and preventing youth health inequalities in Kaišiadorys, Rokiškis and Panevėžys districts. In these municipalities, as in the whole of Lithuania, the situation of young people is characterized by significant problems, such as relatively low assessment of subjective health and well-being, poor mental health, increasing smoking, alcohol and drug use, widespread bullying and suicide, insufficient nutrition and sex education. availability.

The aim of the project: to improve prevention and reduce health inequalities in Kaišiadorys, Rokiškis, Panevėžys district municipalities by helping health system and other sector specialists and young people to better orientate themselves in the variety of services provided.

Target groups of the project activities: specialists working with young people or parents (social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, public health specialists, special education teachers), parents, young people from 14 to 29 years.

Amount of eligible project costs: up to EUR 255 887.17 is allocated for the implementation of the project, of which up to EUR 217 504.09 is the mechanisms and up to EUR 38 383.08 is co-financed.

The future of the project: The project provides measures to improve the availability and quality of mental health services for young people. The implementation of JPSPP (youth-friendly health services) will be a model for effective cooperation between the health and social sectors. The project will seek to strengthen systematic and coherent cooperation between the health, social, law enforcement and education sectors to address these issues. The project envisages measures to develop and implement modern curricula, improve intersectoral cooperation in order to achieve meaningful changes for Lithuanian youth, provide support for mental health promotion and prevention measures, paying special attention to the well-being of young people and their families.

The project contributes to good governance because:

  1. The project will be implemented by combining the human resources, good practices and existing cooperation networks of the three municipalities;
  1. Existing need is met. Currently, there is a deterioration of youth health indicators, visible gaps in the areas of youth education, healthy lifestyle, health care;
  1. The current problem is solved. The project will contribute to the improvement of youth health, promotion of healthy lifestyles, development of healthy nutrition knowledge;
  1. The principles of the rule of law, capabilities and competence will be followed. The implementation of the project will comply with all legal acts regulating the administration and implementation of the project. An administration company with the skills and experience in implementing international projects will be used to administer the project;
  1. In order to ensure transparency, the goods, services or works to be procured for the project will be procured through public procurement procedures.