On 2021, 15 of March there was a signed contract for project No. LT03-1-SAM-K01-010 "Healthy and Smart Youth". The executor of this project is Kaišiadorys District Municipality Public Health Bureau, and there are two partners, Rokiškis District Municipality Public Health Bureau and Panevėžys District Municipality Public Health Bureau. “Healthy and Smart Youth” project is planned to be implemented by 2023, 15 of March. The project is implemented under the Norway grant program "Health" and is funded from 2014-2021 European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms, online link to Norway grants website:

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<strong>Practical activities for young people on the topics of depression and overweight</strong>

At the youth center “Mazgas” practical activities took place in the months of January – February – research aimed at the prevention of depression, suicides and self-harm “Mazgo mazgas”. When the young people came to the center, they tied a ribbon of the chosen color to the braided rope. Red color – I feel very good, yellow – good, blue – bad, purple – very bad. After entwining the rope – the decoration that decorated the youth center Mazgas, a…


Project closing event in Kaisiadorys

On March 13, 2023, the closing event of the project will be held at the Youth center Mazgas in Kaisiadrys. Address: Gedimino str. 55, Kaisiadorys. You are welcome to participate.


Project closing event in Panevezys District Municipality

On March 14, 2023, the final closing event of the “Healthy and Smart Youth” project will be held in Smilgiai Gymnasium. Address: Panevezio str. 1, Smilgiai. You are welcome to participate.

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